Diversity in Gaming

Videogaming is one of the fastest growing entertainment mediums in the world, enjoyed by people of diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and predilections. But do the games we know and love reflect this reality?

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We’ve analysed Games of the Year and E3 standouts to find out whether the best of the best are committed to diversity. Plus, scroll through a host of other gaming topics in focus.

Our experts

Image of Jay-Ann Lopez, creator of Black Girl Gamers.

Jay-Ann Lopez Creator, Black Girl Gamers

Jay-Ann Lopez is the creator of Black Girl Gamers, an online community that aims to positively promote diversity and affect change within the gaming industry.

Image of Alayna M Cole, MD of Queerly Represent Me.

Alayna M Cole MD, Queerly Represent Me

Alayna Cole is the managing director of Queerly Represent Me, a non-profit championing queer representation in games.

Image of Adam Campbell, co-founder of POC in Play.

Adam Campbell Games Manager, Azoomee

Adam Campbell is co-founder of POC in Play, an organisation designed to build an inclusive industry with a range of exciting new initiatives.

Image of Ian Hamilton, accessibility expert.

Ian Hamilton Accessibility expert

Ian Hamilton is an accessibility expert who consults with studios, helping teams to make games inclusive for all.

A group of friends playing games together.

Games for everyone

What does a gamer look like? The age-old answer (young, white, male) is not only inaccurate, it’s harmful. Games are enjoyed by a diverse audience the world over. So why shouldn’t the stories and characters in our favourite games reflect the audience playing them?

We’ve teamed up with some trailblazing proponents of diversity to shed light on this under-explored topic. Read their stories above.